Land Resources Associates, founded in 1995, is at the forefront of conservation-focused residential development in New England. Our emphasis on limited development, conservation-minded practices and creative-adaptive reuse is designed to enable sellers to realize a high price for their properties, even as our careful and creative planning allows them to preserve some of the properties finest features.

At LRA, we believe that development and conservation are not mutually exclusive practices. And in project after project we've put that philosophy into action, preserving open space, historic buildings and significant properties for future generations while helping property owners enjoy strong financial gain.

We define ourselves by our creativity carefully exploring each project, whether a large farm, multi-unit residential, Investment, Partnership or pure renovation.

As an organization, LRA offers many years of experience in the fields of both development and conservation. As individuals, our long family histories in New England assure that we understand what makes a property special, and how to preserve your own family's care and concern for the land and property in the projects we develop.

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