Land Resources Associates

Limited Development

What we do

At LRA, our focus is limited development. Traditional property development often overlooks the fact that more lots don't necessarily mean more money, and can result in small, scattered lots that destroy the best natural features of a property. LRA brings together the concept of fewer, larger lots with the preservation of natural green space. It's a creative process that generally takes much less time than full-scale developments, and offers a simplified approval process for town boards.

By working closely with sellers, financial institutions, legal professionals and real estate experts, LRA delivers a competitive price to landowners while preserving many of the natural elements that shape a property.

How we work

LRA differs from most developers in how closely we work with sellers. We are committed to understanding and addressing their concerns, and to giving them the personal attention to address their expectations for the future of the property. Through this personal contact and our in-depth understanding of a property's physical attributes, we are able to develop different proposals that offer the seller a choice of financial and conservation results.

Once a plan is approved by the seller, LRA is there every step of the way. We are at town board meetings, out in the field or wherever we are needed at any stage of the project. We are proud of our integrity and reputation, and we're committed to doing the right thing in every aspect of our business.

LRA's approach to limited development includes the following:

  • Thorough consideration of a property owners financial needs, goals and expectations for the future of a property
  • Collection and analysis of local data
  • Design of concept plans
  • Determination of final development scenario
  • Completion of property engineering and permitting processes
  • Purchase and development of property as agreed
  • Marketing and sale of completed property

Why LRA works for you

Land Resources Associates is a different kind of development firm. Our principal, Peter Creighton, has over 25 years of experience in limited development and conservation. His background, combined with the insight and knowledge of the entire LRA team, allows us to draw on resources that other developers might not even consider relevant or applicable. By thinking outside of standard parameters, we can meet the goals of our sellers intelligently and effectively.

We offer a particular expertise in working with larger, family-owned properties in the outlying suburbs of Boston, and with properties held in trust. Working with both owners and trustees, we've developed an unparalleled understanding of the issues that accompany the sale of a property. We know that the decision to sell is not a quick or easy one, and we believe in the absolute confidentiality of all discussions about what could or should happen to an individual property.

With a comprehensive range of land planning and limited development services, LRA is prepared to go the distance in ensuring that any project we are involved with is completed properly, correctly and as agreed. Every development project offers twists, turns and hurdles, but we are uniquely prepared to deal with every contingency. We are responsive and resourceful. And we are ready to work with you.

Your propery, your choice

Land Resources Associates welcomes the opportunity to sit down and talk with you about our services. We have the expertise, resources and creativity to ensure that every aspect of the development process - from financial issues to the preservation of a property's natural legacy - is addressed to your satisfaction.

We will also be happy to provide you with references for anyone with whom we have ever done a project. We are confident that their experiences will provide you with an accurate picture of how LRA works as a partner.

We take great pride in the quality of our work, and in the results that we deliver. We look forward to discussing what LRA can do for you.

LRA:Built Environment

LRA Built Environment focuses on investment development, partnership, condominium conversion, multi-unit renovation and smaller scale commercial projects.

LRA's principal is a partner and investor in numerous real estate projects both locally and beyond (East coast) ranging from hotel to downtown commercial to light industrial.

We welcome the opportunity to explore potential projects in any of these target areas.

Positive feedback

"Your help in preserving our solitude, as well as conserving our surrounding land was paramount in the entire process. During this difficult and taxing time your dedication and availability was unparalleled."

"Although there were many issues that arose, you handled each one with professionalism and integrity. We thank you for your guidance and understanding."


"You and your colleagues at Land Resources Associates are to be commended for creating an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing subdivision…You and your team were very open, honest and professional during the buying process. Now that we are residents of Essex, we hope to see you handle more properties in our area."

Essex Homeowners