Land Resources Associates

Dearborn Farms, Wenham

Dearborn Farm is a unique offering of five lots on a truly unparalleled property in Wenham, Massachusetts. The original estate was purchased by the Dearborn family in 1940, and has been in the same hands ever since. Great care has been taken over the years to manage and preserve the diverse landscape of fields, mature woodlands and farm buildings.

And now, through Land Resources Associates, 25 acres of this estate is being converted into one of the few developments permitted in the town of Wenham.

Designed with great care, these five lots each offer something unique and desirable to the discerning homebuyer. From a beautiful 10+ acre waterfront lot with its own private cove to several woodland lots with extensive field and brook views, and onwards to a lot with an historic 19th century farmhouse and stables, Dearborn Farm has something truly special to offer every buyer.

Bordered by Cedar Street and Topsfield Road to the west and Wenham Lake to the east, this project is a truly limited development. Land Resources Associates has taken great care to strictly limit the property development to five single-family homes, including the existing farmhouse. In addition, further restrictions have been crafted to ensure that the homes, landscaping and all future use of the property retain the rural, quiet neighborhood atmosphere for generations to come.

Just to the north - and beyond a single-family 18 acre lot that cannot be subdivided - is town conservation land containing a walking trail along the reservoir that once was a part of the original estate. The area is also home to frequent sightings of deer, wild turkeys, red-tail hawks and other native wildlife.

Each of the five lots at Dearborn Farm offers a wonderful opportunity for homebuyers who treasure privacy, natural beauty and convenience to the greater Boston area.

Lot #1 - $555,000
With approximately 3.7 acres of wooded upland and meadow, Lot One is an exceptional property. The house site is atop a ridge overlooking the fields of the original estate, as well as a meandering brook that defines the rear border of the property. Forming a perfect front yard is another field of approximately one acre, with a planned driveway winding from the edge of the field to the home site. The property also holds many large, mature trees that will enhance the future homeowner's privacy.

Lot #2 - 545,000
Offering approximately 2.7 acres of mostly wooded upland, Lot Two is ideally located to take advantage of the open fields that were once a part of the original estate. Privacy is ensured by a significant wetland system along the rear of the property, which also includes a brook and plentiful wildflowers. Lot Two also features a significant number of mature trees and frequent wildlife sightings.

Lot #3 - 725,000
Lot Three offers a beautiful house site nestled among a stand of tall pines, in the midst of approximately 5 acres of mixed woodlands and open meadows. The site, centrally located atop a small knoll, offers sweeping views of the estate fields, with a grove of apple trees providing a fragrant and charming front yard. The lot also includes the sizable vegetable gardens that were a part of the original estate farm, as well as a significant wall of trees between the property and adjoining farm complex to further ensure privacy for the homeowners. The proposed driveway rolls along the existing terrain, meandering alongside a small brook through hardwood trees before finally coming upon open fields and the home site itself.

Lot #4 - 975,000
As the largest and most significant of the Dearborn Farm lots, Lot Four offers 10.+ acres of privacy as well as an impressive house site. Unique to Wenham and surrounding towns, this property is a true estate setting on a high, level, wooded ridge overlooking Wenham Lake. With almost 1,000 feet of direct water frontage, including a small cove and a point that hooks out into the lake, Lot Four offers wonderful opportunities for walking along and enjoying one of the few bodies of water in Wenham. Accessible only via a private driveway, this magnificent waterfront lot is also home to frequent sightings of deer and wild turkey among the large stands of mature soft and hard wood trees.

Lot #5 - 829,000
Sited on roughly 3 acres of property, Lot Five includes a charming circa-1860 colonial style farmhouse with a gambrel roof. This wood and clapboard home offers 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and overlooks a lovely yard with greenhouse. The lot also includes a beautiful horse barn measuring 54' x 32' with 3 stalls, a central hayloft and a partitioned tack room. A 2-car garage, separate workshop and a 19th century cold cellar are among the other unique features of this historic property.