Land Resources Associates

Millbrook Farms, Middleton
Originally a 114 acre parcel of land, Millbrook Farms is now a private four-lot subdivision with 83 acres of conservation land. The property could have easily supported 30 house lots, however, a limited development plan of 4 lots, ranging in size from 3 to 10 acres was chosen. The lot prices for the completed project were the highest on record for the town of Middleton. The property is contiguous with other large conservation lands in Middleton and Boxford, thus creating a vast greenway of over 500 acres and ensuring the protection of an important wildlife corridor. Collaboration and funding came from numerous groups including the Town of Middleton, Essex County Greenbelt and the New England Forestry Foundation.

Replacement of old unsafe bridge to site

Completed bridge with restored vegetation


Site walk and dedication of 84 acres of project conservation land


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