Land Resources Associates

Pine Ridge, West Newbury

Pine Ridge is a picturesque five-lot property set on 15 rural acres off Indian Hill Street in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Well known for their projects on the North Shore, Land Resources will keep intact many of the land's original features through careful planning and design.

Located only minutes from Route 95 for an easy commute, this exclusive enclave is enclosed by old fieldstone walls. The lots are of varying sizes and have distinctive features that offer something for every discerning buyer. Land Resources has taken great care to limit the property to just five single-family homes and further restrictions have been crafted to ensure that the homes, landscaping and future use of the property will retain a rural, quiet neighborhood atmosphere for generations to come.

Among the features of the property are the abundance of flora. There are frequent sightings of deer, turkey and foxes as well as a grove of mature beech trees, a stand of stately red pines and a century old copse of rhododendrons. For equestrians there is a riding trail along the rear of the property that was preserved in perpetuity.

Lot 1 - $330,000

Bounded by stone walls on two sides, this lovely 2.72-acre property includes both an open field for the house site, and a sloping woods containing silver-barked American beeches of impressive size with an understory that includes a number of mature mountain laurels. Privacy is insured by a wooded wetland between the home site and Indian Hill Street, while there are expansive views across the meadow to the north and west.

Lot 2 - $350,000

An impressive hilltop site of 3.92 acres, this open lot includes several old stone walls. Beyond the ridgeline of 50 foot red pines, picturesque old farm lanes pass through a hardwood forest with an understory of mountain laurels and rhododendrons. Natural areas and wildlife habitat beyond the farm road and among the stone walls invite exploration. The homesite itself commands views out to the east of fields and meadows.

Lot 3 - $360,000

Crowning Pine Ridge, Lot 3 will afford grand vistas and a prominent house site. This 3.3-acre site of field and forest overlooks both the meadows and natural areas to the east, and the laurel-filled woods just over the ridge. Old stone walls at the street and toward the rear of the property add character to the site.

Lot 4 - $315,000

Lot 4 contains 1.9 open and gently sloped acres with a large front yard. Located on the slope with a stone wall boundary along the street, this homesite has lovely ridgeline views uphill.

Lot 5 - $335,000

A beautiful parcel of 3.22 acres Lot 5 encompasses open, wooded lands, and is bounded by stone walls across the rear. A seasonal stream along one side is home to a myriad of birds and animals.

Each of the five lots at Indian Hill comes with all approvals needed for a five bedroom home, completed common driveways and all associated underground utilities and offers a wonderful opportunity for homebuyers who value privacy and natural beauty with an easy commute to the greater Boston area.